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Silic One Propeller Kit 750ML
Silic One Propeller Kit 750ML

Fouling Release System

Biocide free

Silicone and hydro gel


1 x Hempel Silic One Tiecoat 27450 - 375ml

1 x Hempel Silic One 77450 - 375ml


More Information

Hempel Silic One fouling release system is a revolutionary concept which delivers an ultra-low friction finish solution for propellers.

The silicone-based hydro gel microlayer delivers a smooth, low-surface-energy, water-like, repellent coating which prevents organisms from attaching to the propeller and promotes self-cleaning.

  • Repels organisms
  • Self-cleaning
  • Biocide free
  • High solid coating
  • Air humidity curing composition
  • Silicone-based, hydro gel microlayer application
  • Supplied as two parts – Silic One Tiecoat and Silic One Top Coat, both 375ml
  • Suitable for all types of metals and alloys
  • Launch Time: from 24 hours to 1 month after application
  • Previously untreated surfaces will require the application of Hempels Light Primer prior to use