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Barton Beam Traveller Track

Barton Beam Traveller Track

Spectro grey anodised aluminium finish

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery


More Information

Use beam track when spanning cockpits or companionway hatches, where unsupported length is required.

A minimum of three fastenings should be used on either side of the unsupported length - place fastenings at 100mm centres in supported sections.

Ensure washers are fitted under the head of the bolt and between track & deck to ensure a secure seal (see diagram).

Barton Beam Track Diagram

Beam Track Specifications
Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Max Supported length 400mm 700mm 800mm
Width 20mm 26mm 30mm
Width W2 26mm 34mm 40mm
Height 27mm 34.5mm 40.5mm
Fastenings 6mm 6mm 10mm

Fitting Bean Track Diagram

Barton 90 degree Track end cleat plates

Barton traveller End Fitting

Barton Traveller Cleat Plate assembly

Barton removable Track end Fitting

Barton T Track End Caps