Lofrans X1 Vertical Windlass

Lofrans approximate Boat Length Guide:

500W 20-30 feet
700W 25-35 feet
1000W 30-40 feet

Lofrans Size Chart

Combination Chain/Rope Gypsy

Aluminium (500W) or Chrome Bronze finish

Low profile or with drum

3 year warranty subject to registration

£ 559.00 inc VAT

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The Lofrans X1 windlass has a vertical drive shaft for the gypsy which results in a compact deck unit with the motor and gear box housed under the deck in the chain locker.

Lofrans X1 Main Features and Plus Factors:

  • Mirror polished, extremely weather resistant chrome bronze finish produced by drop forging process
  • Low Profile or with Drum
  • Independently operated rope drum
  • Manual chain release
  • Rope/chain combination gypsy, size options: 6mm DIN766 and 10/12mm 3strand rope or 8mm DIN766 and 12mm 3strand rope
  • Rope/chain function managed by the spring-loaded finger (arm)
  • Factory pre-installed chain counter sensor/magnet
  • Lofrans-engineered heavy duty IP67 rated electric motor, 12V with 500W, 700W or 1000W aotions
  • Weatherproof, marine grade, anodised aluminium alloy motor and gearbox housing
  • 3 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Built in Control Box
  • Design requirement - minimum 300mm depth between under side of the deck and the top of any stowed chain
  • 6mm gypsy/500W motor available in anodised aluminium alloy casing
  • 6mm gypsy not available with 1000 watt motor
Lofrans X1 Windlass Chain Compatibility
6mm ChainX
8mm Chain

N.B. 6mm DIN766 chain gypsy is compatible with 10mm or 12mm 3 strand rope, 8mm DIN766 chain gypsy with 12mm 3 strand rope.

Lofrans X1 Windlass Specifications
AluminiumChromed BronzeChromed BronzeChromed Bronze
Motor Size500W500W700W1000W
Power Supply12V12V12V12V
Maximum Pull630kg630kg700kg900kg
Working Load70kg70kg80kg120kg
Amps at Working Load75A75A80A120A
Working Load Speed23m/min23m/min25m/min18m/min
Maximum Line Speed26m/min26m/min28m/min30m/min
Net Weight (Low Profile)10kg11kg13kg16kg
Net Weight (with Drum)11kg12kg14kg17kg

The Lofrans Vertical X Range = X1, X2, X3, X3.5, X4 and X5 all feature as standard:

  • Watertight stainless steel ball bearings in the base for maintenance free reliable performance
  • Clever Clutch Design manufactured from two conical discs fitted on to the main shaft by two flat parallel planes which avoids the use of keys and spreads the load more evenly
  • Factory fitted sensor in the base together with a magnet in the gypsy enables an external chain counter option.
  • Models X1, X2 and X3 have a rope/chain combination gypsy
  • Independently operated rope drum for warping (with drum only)
  • Manual override - the spring loaded ratchet fitted in the gearbox has two main functions
    1. enables the windlass to recover the chain and anchor in the event of electrical failure
    2. provides a safety mechanism so that chain jams do not damage the deck
  • Models X2 and X3 are available with Mirror Polished Stainless steel AISI 316L casing as a special order upgrade

X1, included in the box with the windlass unit: manual winch handle, dual direction solenoid (= built in control box), drilling template, fixing screws and a CD manual

Not included in the box: circuit breaker, switches or chain counters

Lofrans X1 Dimensions

Lofrans X1 Windlass Dimentions
500W / 700W130mm10-30mm111mmØ60mm84mm183mm56mm236mm127mm105mm132mm

E* also = Low profile height dimension

Lofrans Circuit Breaker

X1 = All 12V power supply
500 watt Motor use 35 amp
700 watt Motor use 70 amp
1000 watt Motor use 100 amp

ARP Circuit breakers are also available as a less expensive alternative to Lofrans

Lofrans Accessories


For Lofrans Specification including links to the Exploded Parts Diagram Lofrans X1 Information Download

Jimmy Green Lofrans Installation and User Warranty Advisory

Lofrans X1 Manual

- Installation and User Instructions

Download (5.08M)

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