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Majoni Buoy Fender, white with blue ends
Majoni Buoy Fender, white with blue ends

Solid head

Dumpy broader shape makes them ideal as roving fenders for critical deployment

Unique replaceable brass valve

Normally supplied DEFLATED

Optional LIROS 3 strand polyester lanyards spliced directly onto the fender in house

Lanyards produced to order, subject to splicing lead times


More Information

Majoni Solid Head Buoy Fenders are ideal as roving fenders to deploy at critical moments, and also for rafting up to other yachts where the gap increases fore and aft.

Majoni Round Buoy Fenders Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Rotation moulded from top quality PVC
  • UV resistant
  • Malleable but extremely robust
  • Strong, solid material, puncture proof rope eyes
  • Enduring flexibility, unaffected by temperature extremes
  • Unique design replaceable brass valve which facilitates inflation and deflation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wash with clean soapy water

Majoni Buoy Fenders size 1 and 2 are supplied inflated
Majoni Buoy 3 Fenders are supplied DEFLATED

All sizes are normally supplied DEFLATED to all Islands and for all Export Orders

You can also email your preference for deflated fenders, please include your order reference.

Majoni Fender Guide

Majoni fenders are manufactured from top quality, UV resistant, soft but strong, rotation moulded PVC resulting in flexibility retention and resistance to temperature fluctuation

Majoni fenders all feature their unique brass valve for reliable but simple inflation.

Optional Spliced Lanyards are produced to order in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Lanyards are subject to splicing order lead times

Jimmy Green Buoy Fender Lanyard Specification:

  • Jimmy Green fender lanyards are spliced and finished in house to our exacting standard
  • Each lanyard is spliced directly onto the rope eye on one end with a round turn for good measure
  • Each splice consists of 4 full tucks and a taper tuck
  • The other end is finished off with a neat heat sealing
  • Top Quality LIROS White 3 strand Polyester to match the buoy colours
Majoni Buoy Fender and Lanyard Specifications:
Size Dimensions Weight Volume Lanyard
Buoy 1 35 x 48 cm 1.5kg 21L 1.5m x 8mm
Buoy 2 45 x 62cm 2.8kg 45L 1.5m x 10mm
Buoy 3 55 x 73cm 3.8kg 83L 2.0m x 12mm

Dimensions = diameter x height
Volume = litres
Lanyard = length x rope diameter

  • Colour - White with Blue Ends
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