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Unimer Mooring Compensator
Unimer Mooring Compensator
Unimer Mooring Compensator demonstrated with rope
Unimer Mooring Compensator on a moored yacht
Unimer Mooring Compensator detail

Superb shock absorbing properties

Long lasting elasticity

Manufactured in Sweden by Unimer

Reduce snatch loads on your ropes

Unique integral black nylon locking jamming cleats

Requires fitting before splicing

Mooring Compensator Advisory


More Information

Unimer Mooring Compensators provide long lasting shock absorption on deck fittings and mooring/anchor lines.

Unimer Mooring Compensators have a special (protected) design feature which makes them stand out from the competition.

Unimer Mooring Compensator Unique Design Feature:
Cleat shaped black polyamide self locking jamming mechanism fitted into each end of the compensator.

The cleat effect prevents rope movement in the compensator which greatly reduces wear and tear abrasion on the line.

Please note that Unimer mooring compensators come with a little instruction leaflet that includes their cautious limitation on the length of yacht.

It is advisable to read our article to give their recommendations some context. MOORING COMPENSATOR ADVISORY

The Unimer recommendations are listed below:

Size 1 : Boats up to 6m
Size 2 : Boats up to 8m
Size 3 : Boats up to 12m
Size 4 : No Size recommendation

Available in 4 sizes to suit lines from 10mm to 20mm

Size Rope Diameter Length Unimer
1 10-12mm 332mm 81061OU
2 12-16mm 416mm 81061OU
3 14-18mm 520mm 81061OU
4 20-22mm 600mm 81061OU

Unimer Video