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Davis Shockles LineSnubber in action
Davis Shockles LineSnubber in action
Davis Shockles LineSnubber
Davis Shockles LineSnubber in action - hook detail

Manufactured by Davis USA

Multi-purpose shock absorber

Alleviates snatch loading

Makes mooring and anchoring a more comfortable experience


More Information

Ideal for dock lines and anchor lines to reduce shock loads, minimise chafe and increase safety.

Shockles generally make life at the dock or on a mooring safer and more comfortable.

Tensions and loads on a dock or mooring change with the weather conditions.

Shockles absorb shock loads making the lines last longer.

Shockles can also be used on tow lines or painters.

Shockle Line Snubber Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Progressive tension design means that the further a LineSnubber stretches, the greater its return force, resulting in smoother action and moderated stress
  • Patented internal line limiter with nylon webbing tested to 1140 kg
  • manufactured from UV resistant nylon webbing sewn over the patented internal line limiter and elastomer system
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware for strength, convenience and durability
  • Line Snubber outer sheath from tubular nylon webbing tested to 1590kg
  • UV resistant tubular webbing protection for the internal parts
  • Shockles are strong, but they need to be rigged in-line so they never bear the full load alone
  • 15-30 cm of slack is recommended
  • Increase the slack between the attachment loops to a maximum of 30cm as loads increase
  • Line Snubber has a maximum stretch of 40cm before the line limiter safely stops further stretching
  • The slack can be wrapped around Line Snubber to keep it tidy