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Wichard Allen Head Pin Bow Shackles
Wichard Allen Head Pin Bow Shackles
Wichard Allen Head Pin Bow Shackles

Forged using AISI 316 stainless

Excellent marine environment corrosion resistance

Individually stamped with key specifications

Certificates of conformity available on request


More Information

The hot drop-forged process provides increased strength and manufacturing consistency. Each shackle is CE marked in accordance with the Machines Directive 2006/42. Therefore, Wichard products can be used in lifting applications.

Each product displays the following information:

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) = 5:1 safety factor of the break load
  • CE marking
  • Product origin
  • Manufacturer’s logo
Wichard Allen Head Pin Bow Shackles Specifications
Part Pin Ø L A B D Work BL WLL Weight
WD-1343 6mm 43mm 27mm 12mm 12mm 600Kg 1500Kg 300Kg 0.029Kg
WD-1344 8mm 56mm 37mm 16mm 16mm 960Kg 2700Kg 540Kg 0.067Kg
WD-1345 10mm 72mm 47mm 20mm 20mm 1440Kg 4300Kg 860Kg 0.133Kg
WD-1346 12mm 87mm 55mm 24mm 24mm 2080Kg 6000Kg 1200Kg 0.222Kg

Working Load (WL) = Static load at which the product will still function without excessive friction or wear or permanent deformation of components.

Breaking Load (BL) = Static load at which a major failure of one or more structural components or complete destruction of the product.

  • Shackle Type - Bow Shackle
  • Shackle Type - Allen Head Pin