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Wichard Captive Pin Bow Shackles
Wichard Captive Pin Bow Shackles

Manufactured using 316L stainless steel

Pin cannot be removed from the shackle body

Can be used for industrial applications

Excellent corrosion resistance in the marine environment


More Information

The safety factor for industrial applications is 5:1 for marine applications the factor is 3:1

May be stamped with Industrial WLL

Wichard Captive Pin Bow Shackle Specifications
Part Pin Ø L A B Pin Thread Ø D Marine WLL BL Industrial WLL (5:1) Weight
WD-1441 4mm 30mm 18mm 8mm 5mm 9mm 320Kg 1000Kg 200Kg 0.010Kg
WD-1442 5mm 36mm 23mm 10mm 6mm 11mm 480Kg 1500Kg 300Kg 0.019Kg
WD-1443 6mm 44mm 27mm 12mm 7mm 14mm 600Kg 2200Kg 440Kg 0.033Kg
WD-1444 8mm 57mm 37mm 16mm 9mm 18mm 1000Kg 3700Kg 740Kg 0.075Kg
WD-1445 10mm 72mm 46mm 20mm 11mm 21mm 1520Kg 5200Kg 1040Kg 0.139Kg
  • Shackle Type - Bow Shackle
  • Shackle Type - Captive Pin