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D Splicer Set
D Splicer Set
D Splicer Individual Tool

4 x S/S needles in 2 sizes

One anodised aluminium handle

The ultimate solution for splicing thin yachting ropes


More Information

The D-Splicer needle is the ultimate solution for splicing thin yachting ropes.

The D-Splicer was designed and developed to avoid the frustration that can be the case when splicing very thin braided lines.

The D-Splicer works beautifully for lines of 4mm diameter or less and for any other rigging application where the usual fids don't fit the bill.

The double needle design clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through.

The D-Splicer comes with a set of 4 needles and a handle. The needles are easy to replace in the handle. The set contains:

  • Two 1 mm needles with length 24 cm (appr. 1/25 inch diameter and length = 9 1/25 inch),
  • Two 1.5 mm needles with length 26 cm (appr. 1/16 inch diameter and length = 10 1/4 inch)

The D-Splicer handle is made of anodised aluminium to withstand the rigours of a harsh marine environment.

The needles are made from stainless steel.

Spare needles are also available.