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Rigging Shackles

Jimmy Green Marine offer a comprehensive choice of rigging shackles and end fittings providing ergonomic, secure terminal solutions for all manner of running rigging applications.

Select the type you require based on:

Is it for a sheet/control line or a halyard ? How quickly and easily you wish the shackle to fasten and unfasten ? How temporary/permanent is the sheet or halyard attachment Is there a possibility that the shackle will need to be released under load ? Is weight a factor ? Are you interested in a 'soft' solution ? Is extra purchase required to increase the tension for performance purposes ? Do you want to avoid losing the shackle pin when attaching the sail ? Rigging shackles for rope and wire rope are available in different designs to suit different uses:

Snap Shackles

Snap shackles are most popular in marine grade stainless steel but are also available in traditional bronze and specialist light weight nylon

Jimmy Green offer a choice of top manufacturers: Wichard, Tylaska, Navtec (limited availability) Brookes & Adams (Bronze) and Nab (plastic) together with a non branded range manufactured in marine grade stainless steel sourced from our UK partners Proboat

Fixed or Swivel Fixed eye is generally recommended where the application is not required to rotate – ideal for e.g. genoa halyard/sheet Swivel eye allows the rope to rotate when subjected to an alteration in the angle of the load induced by, for example, gybing. Ideal for spinnaker halyard/sheet.

Side or Top Opening For most applications, Side Opening is the norm. Top Opening allows the shackle to be released under load without snagging on the shackle arm e.g. Spinnaker/Gennaker Sheets and Guys.

Quick Release Designed so that the arm can be released under load with a yank/tug on a lanyard attached to the release mechanism

Trigger Latch Option For quick and safe release of heavy loads while under tension - requires a fid or tool to insert into the release mechanism.

Captive Pin Shackles

As the name suggests, these Dee shaped shackles are designed so that when the pin is unfastened from the first lug, it is still held/trapped by the second lug. A (removable) bar is also recommended so that the shackle is secured to the head of the sail. Ideal for main halyard

Soft Shackles

Removable and adjustable rope loops constructed from 12 strand Dyneema are excellent for headsail sheets – light weight, kind to hands and much less likely to cause physical harm to the crew when the clew is flogging violently.

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