Majoni Fenders

Majoni Fenders  

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of Majoini Star Fenders in 5 sizes: Star 1 - Star 5 and 5 colours: White with blue ends, All white, black, navy and anthracite

Majoni fenders are rotation moulded from top quality, UV resistant, soft but strong PVC, resulting in retained flexibility, unaffected by temepreature extremes

Majoni fenders have a unique design brass valve which facilitates inflation, deflation and reinflation.
Majoni fenders and buoys require minimal maintenance and should be washed with clean soapy water.

Majoni state that the best way to inflate their fenders is to push air pressure from a compressor with a flat head against the valve. Inflation can also be achieved with a bicycle or foot pump using the Majoni unique brass adaptor.
N.B. The use of a needle type adaptor will damage the valve.
Majoni recommend an optimum inflation pressure = 0.2 bar - at this pressure it should be possible to visibly press in the fender wall with the flat of your hand. The pressure may change with the temperature so it is important to keep a check on inflation.
Supplied inflated. To order uninflated fenders, please email to specify and include your order reference.

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