Ultra Anchor

Superlative Design

Hand made, hand polished

316 Stainless steel

Individually stamped serial number

The ultimate anchor

Rapid setting

Instant roll recovery

£ 595.00 inc VAT

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ULTRA Marine Stainless Steel Anchor - the ultimate anchor

The Ultra anchor is manufactured by Ultra Marine, based in the Czech Republic
The Ultra design is renowned world-wide as the pinnacle in anchoring design and technology., featuring optimised weight distribution for rapid setting regardless of how the anchor lays on the seabed.
Even when inverted, the Ultra anchor will instantly recover itself to the attack position.

Ultra rapid setting performance is achieved with some unique design features:

  • Curved lead filled tip
  • Hollow shank for optimal weight distribution
  • Concaved base surfaces for maximum holding power
  • Large side wing plates to avoid release during changing wind or tide conditions

ULTRA Marine offer a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty against any manufacturer defects that become evident during normal use

ULTRA Anchor Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • The hollow shank allows a greater portion of the overall anchor weight to be held in the anchor tip.
  • The tubular construction prevents the anchor lying upside down and results in the anchor recovering instantly to the attack position.
  • The tip of the anchor is filled with lead. This point loading of weight increases the anchor's ability to penetrate difficult seabeds.
  • The tip is also curved downwards to assist with setting. Even in unfavourable wind conditions the anchor will continue to set.
  • The Ultra anchor fluke is concaved making it behave like a shovel. The design allows it to scoop a maximum volume of sediment for a high level of holding power. The shovel design also helps the anchor from breaking out. 
  • The shank features a reinforced eye that has been tested under extreme loads to ensure it will not bend or break. 
  • With the vessel positioned on top of the anchor, recovery is aided by the flatter section at the back of the fluke which acts as a pivot to rotate the anchor upwards.
  • The Ultra Anchor will not release in a changing wind or tide. It will remain completely buried in the seabed while performing a complete rotation to the new attack alignment 
  • The small bar between the back of the fluke and shank prevents the chain from snagging.
  • Every anchor is stamped on the shank with weight in kg and lbs plus the unique serial number of the anchor.

Ultra Anchor Dimensions

Ultra Anchor Size Guide   

The Ultra Anchor is suitable for a comprehensive range of vessels with options up to 360kg.

If you require an anchor larger than 100kg, please refer to Ultra Marine for a Lloyds recommendation.

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