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Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel
Ultra flip swivel

5 year manufacturer warranty

RINA certified

Slim profile

Maximum strength

One piece solution: Connection, articulation, rotation and flip

No additional shackles required


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The Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is a superb piece of marine design and engineering culminating in a one piece anchor connector solution which means that no additional shackles are required.

Included in the Box:
Flip Swivel, Hook Brake, appropriate size allen keys

Ultra Flip Swivel Specification:

  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel by Ultra Marine Anchors in the Czech Republic
  • Manufacturer 3 year warranty
  • Individually stamped on the body with the manufacturer break load
  • Designed so that the breaking strain exceeds that of a typical anchor chain of the same size
  • Allows 360 degree swivelling and also 30 degrees of articulation
  • One piece body with a flipping nub which ensures the anchor is always retrieved in the correct plane.
  • Hexagonal head locking bolt - does not require any further security measures 

Ultra Flip Swivel Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

One Piece Solution: The fabricated (not cast) one piece body and head (with integral spherical ball) ensures maximum strength

Universal - suitable for most anchor designs, not just the Ultra anchor

Semi Spherical Ball: Self cleaning and allows 360 degree rotation

Hexagonal Head Bolts: Ensures locking bolt is 100% secure and cannot release accidentally - allen keys for other end supplied

TELFON* O-Ring: the internal ring stops metal friction occurring when under load, providing low resistance and smooth operation

Flipping Nub: If the anchor is recovered upside down, the flip nub will assist the anchor to correctly right itself onto the roller

Rounded Corners: prevents potential damage to the deck or injury to the crew

Throat Opening: The aperture is specifically designed to fit the chain size.

Specifications: The swivel chain size and the breaking strength is recorded on the rear side of the swivel

Warranty: All ULTRA Swivels are supplied with a standard five year warranty 

Ultra Flip Swivel = RINA certified

Utra Flip Swivel Selection Guide

The slim profile provides an excellent solution for unfettered access through narrow stemheads and/or bow rollers.

Ultra Flip Swivel UFS 6 UFS 8 UFS 10 UFS 13 UFS 16
Diameter at the widest point 35mm 40mm 45mm 55mm 65mm

Ultra Flip Swivel Chain Size MBL Maximum Anchor Weight
UFS6-12 6mm 3315kg 12kg
UFS8-21 6 and 8mm 5630kg 21kg
UFS10-35 8 and 10mm 8540kg 35kg
UFS13-60 10, 12 and 13mm 17510kg 60kg
UFS16-100 13, 14 and 16mm 28950kg 100kg

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load

Ultra Flip Swivel - Extra Strength Pin Design
Ultra employ a larger pin than usual and adapt it to fit though the end link of your anchor chain for maximum tensile load performance.
The pin starts off larger than usual, but has machined flat sides to allow it to fit lengthways in the end link of the chain, see picture and chart below.
The pin is fixed in the swivel in the correct orientation to take the load.

Ultra Flip Swivel Pin Design

Ultra Swivel Chain Size Original diameter Machined Width
UFS8-21 7mm and 8mm 9mm 7mm
UFS10-35 8mm and 10mm 11mm 9mm
UFS13-60 10/12/13mm 14.5mm 11mm
UFS16-100 13/14/16mm 18mm 14.5mm

N.B. these dimensions are approximate

UltraMarine Flip Swivel Video

Ultra Marine Advisory - Ultra Flip Swivel on anchors from a different manufacturer:

You should keep in your mind that most of the traditional anchors have slots instead of holes on their shanks. This is because U (or D) locks while the swivels were not developed. All technical specifications and security of the Ultra Flip Swivel are much better than the U (or D) locks of the same group. However, once you use the Ultra Flip Swivel on another Anchor having a slot connection rahter than the Ultra Anchor, rarely you might experience that it is locked at an undesirable position due to movements in the slot.

If you want to make sure this rare problem never occurs, you should just block the unecessary emptiness in the slot by a small modification.

  • Chain Size - 12mm
  • Chain Size - 13mm
  • Chain Size - 14mm
  • Chain Size - 16mm
  • Chain Size - 18mm
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
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