Hempel Ecopower Prop

Hempel Ecopower Prop

Antifouling spray

Used for the coating of propellers and outdrives.

This spray coating makes it difficult for fouling to attach, making it easier to dislodge and remove when cleaning.


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Biocide-free anitfouling spray for propellers and outdrives.

Available in Black and Grey


Instructions for use

Always ensure all surfaces are clean, oil free and dry.
Clean the surface and remove possible oil and grease with a suitable detergent and sand with dry abrasive paper.
Carefully remove dust with fresh water.

Uncoated surface
Prime prepared surface with Hempels Light Primer 45551 and apply a tiecoat of Hempels Underwater Primer 26030 whist the surface is still tacky.

Previously coated surface - Exsisting old self-polishing or traditional antifouling
Remove loose matter and contaminants by high pressure fresh water cleaning.
Allow to dry.

Existing old hard matrix antifouling or an unknown antifouling
High pressure fresh water clean, wet abrade, remove dust.
Clean and dry the surface.
If the condition of the previous antifouling is poor, seal with one coat of Hempels Underwater Primer 26030.

Mask other areas including the anodes prior to application.
Shake well before use. 
Spray from a distance of 20 to 30cm from surface.
Apply one layer of the product at a time until smooth, uniform surface is obtained. (minimum 4 coats)
Shake we can occassionally during use.
Spray upside down at the end of the spraying to clean the nozzle.

Wear protecive gloves/clothing and eye/face protection.
Recoating intervals: 30 minutes/20c
Launchtime min. 24 hours. Max. 1 month at 20c

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