Lofrans Dorado Horizontal Windlass

Lofrans Dorado Horizontal Windlass - compact unit with a vertically orientated motor which is partially below deck.

£ 481.80 VAT incl.

£ 660.00


  • 6mm DIN766
  • 7mm ISO 4565
  • 8mm DIN766

Lofrans Dorado Horizontal Windlass - Anodised Marine Aluminium Casing

The gypsy still rotates on a horizontal axis well clear of the deck
The result is maximum drop for the chain into the locker together with minimal footprint on the deck
This a good combination where deck and locker space is at a premium

This windlass is capable of handling rope and chain on the same gypsy due to the fitting of a spring loaded finger which applies pressure to the rope and chain keeping the warp firmly connected to the gypsy
6mm chain - 10mm/12mm rope
7mm chain - 10mm/12mm rope
8mm chain - 12mm rope

Lofrans Dorado - available with either a 500W or 700W IP66 motor.

Lofrans Dorado is also available with 7mm chain - 10mm/12mm rope gypsy

Dorado 500W 700W
Power Supply 12V 12V
Maximum Pull (kg) 600 650
Working Load (kg) 70 80
Amps at work load 65A 80A
Line speed at work load (m/min) 18 20
Max Line Speed
24 25
Net Weight (Low Profile - kg) 10 11

Lofrans Dorado - included in the box: manual handle, control box, drilling template, screws and CD manual

Lofrans Dorado - not included in the box: circuit breaker, switches or chain counters

500W 12V - use 35A
700W 12V - use 70A

ARP CIRCUIT BREAKERS are also available as a less expensive alternative to Lofrans

Lofrans 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty Registration Form

For Lofrans Specification including links to:
Installation and User Manual
Model Dimensions
Deck Template
Exploded Parts Diagram

Lofrans Dorado Information Download

Jimmy Green Lofrans Installation and User Warranty Advisory Notice