Forsheda Mooring Compensators

Forsheda Mooring Compensators reduce the snatch load on mooring fittings and ropes, manufactured from EPDM Rubber, produced in Sweden by Trelleborg. 


£ 16.00 VAT incl.

£ 20.00


Reduce the snatch load easy on mooring fittings and ropes

- Impervious to the elements, strong sunlight and salt water
- Easy to fit and require no extra fittings
- Equipped with locking elements at both ends which are vulcanised into the compensator
- The lock elements, which are injection-moulded and made of polyamide 6 (nylon), lock the line securely without causing wear
- The secure locking of the line is the essential design component whick ensures that the compensator functions properly
- The length of compensating movement can be varied by winding the line in a different number of turns around the compensator.

It is important to note that more turns mean larger compensating movements that in turn reduce the life of the compensator.

N.B. Any rubber mooring snubber is ultimately sacrificial and is designed to protect your deck fittings and your warps from shock loads

Forsheda Fact Sheet

Forsheda Size and Diameter Jimmy Green Marine recommended diameter       Extension on 1 turn                                      Extension on 2 turns                             Extension on 3 turns                                 Max force on 3 turns (N)                                                    
Size 1 10/12mm 10mm 50mm 150mm 250mm 2000
Size 2 14/16mm 12/14mm 120mm 225mm 325mm 2500
Size 3 18/20mm 16/18mm 175mm 300mm 425mm 3500
Size 4 22/24mm 18/20mm 200mm 335mm 470mm 5000

Extension = the maximum movement in mm for selected number of turns
Max force = the force in newtons required to straighten out 3 turns completely

Forsheda Specification

- Forsheda Mooring Compensators - Specification and User Instructions

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