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Unimer Smart Snubber
Unimer Smart Snubber

Shock absorbing solution

Easy to retrofit, no free end needed

Durable polyurethane

Double up your protection when required

Select by Line Diameter:
Small: up to 16mm, Large 14-20mm

Sold individually


More Information

Unimer Hook-On Smart Snubbers are an extremely effective solution for absorbing shock loads

Unimer Smart Snubber Facts and Features:

  • Innovative design produces remarkable cushioning effect
  • Simple hook-on retrofit
  • No free end of the line required
  • Fast and easy repositioning/adjustment
  • Doubling up/multiple deployment potential
  • Durable polyurethane material
  • Long lasting elasticity
  • Compact and easy to fit
  • Suitable for mooring, anchoring, and control lines e.g. preventers

Mooring Compensator Advisory

Smart Snubber Size Length Rope Diameter
73.277.105 Small 70mm Up to 16mm
73.277.106 Large 87mm 14-20mm