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iWinch Drill Bit

iWinch Drill Bit

Universal winch-size star-shape socket on a drill bit

Fits a 13mm chuck cordless drill

Makes it easier to hoist sails and furl sails

Ideal aid to short and single-handed sailing

Produced from one piece of solid super-anodised aluminium 

Manufactured in Sweden

Reap the benefit with a powerful electric screwdriver - not included 😃


More Information

iWinch - Cordless Electric Power Onboard

An effective way to convert your manual winch into an electrically powered winch.

Manufactured from lightweight super-anodised aluminium - machined from one solid piece

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

The iWinch is compatible with most boat winches with a star-shaped socket on top of the drum where the winch handle normally fits.

The iWinch is especially helpful for single or short-handed sailing.

A compact cordless drill will generally fit in a winch pocket for easy access.

N.B. The more powerful the drill, the more effective the electrical conversion - iWinch recommends 2 x 5amp hour batteries.

iWinch recommends the crossed-hands grip or the extra handle for bracing against the load as it increases.