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Mooring Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offer a wide range of quality solutions for setting up a successful, durable mooring rope system.

Mooring ropes, also known as mooring lines and mooring warps are used to keep yachts secure in their allotted mooring berth. Ropes need extra protection when permanently mooring a yacht. Mooring Accessories include Mooring Compensators, Mooring Rope Chafe Protection, Mooring Swivels and Bridle Plate Systems.

Rubber Snubbers and Stainless Mooring Springs act as excellent mooring compensators.

Mooring Compensators provide a valuable defence against shock loading, protecting ropes and deck fittings from damaging excess strain.

Snubbers and Springs can be deployed on mooring and anchoring lines that require an extra amount of stretch to help deal with shock loads.

Some rubber snubbers can be retrofitted while some need to be threaded on to the rope before splicing the ends.

All rubber snubbers are a useful addition to a continuous mooring line.

Unimer and Forsheda are the top brand manufacturers for snubbing products from marine quality EPDM rubber.

Stainless Steel Springs are specifically designed to absorb fluctuating loads but they have one disadvantage - they normally require a two-part mooring line with the spring in between - Jimmy Green Marine recommend that stainless steel mooring springs are deployed on an extra mooring line so that there is always at least one continuous rope to take the load in event of spring failure.

Reinforced PVC Tubing and Tubular Polyester Webbing add excellent Mooring Rope Chafe Protection

Fibre reinforced PVC Hose acts as an extremely durable sheath when fitted onto a mooring line. The hose will generally sit comfortably over a stem roller fitting.

Anti Chafe Webbing is manufactured in a tube so that it can be threaded onto a mooring warp. Anti Chafe Webbing offers excellent abrasion resistance, is more flexible than PVC hose and can be deployed through fairleads as well as over bow rollers.

There are also modern developments available which can be retrofitted to the rope e.g Spiroll or fitted direct to the deck to smooth the path of the ropes e.g. PROtect Tapes, No Wear and Barton Deck Pads.

Leather is traditionally used for chafe protection, offers excellent abrasion resistance with the added bonus of really looking the part.

Mooring Swivels are an integral part of a single line, swinging mooring rope and chain system

Galvanised mooring swivels can be used to help alleviate rotational issues on a swinging mooring. It is advisable to use a swivel from a recognised manufacturer who publishes a guaranteed break load (rated).

Colligo Marine produce a specifically designed and rated mooring swivel which features a plate for attaching two separate lines (also known as a bridle).

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