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Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag

Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag
Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag Open
Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag
Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag on beach

Simple satchel construction

UV and abrasion-resistant fabric

Easy access webbing strap with buckle

No hard edges in the locker

Distinctive orange hems

Select by size, see the chart below for anchor compatibility

Size AB1 in stock, please allow lead time from Ankerplex for larger sizes


More Information

The Ankerplex Stowage Bag not only protects your anchor from damage but also stops it damging anything else in the locker.

The bag is designed to tidily accommodate all the disassembled anchor parts.

The Ankerplex Bag is a simple stachel design with a webbing securing strap, an easy access/closure quick release buckle, and a distinctive orange hem design.

There are three different sizes designed specifically to accommodate Ankerplex anchors, please refer to the chart:

Ankerplex Anchor Bag Size Guide
Anchor Bag Anchor Model Anchor Size
AB1 AKP1 1.3kg
AB2 AKP4, AKP6, AKP9 4.4kg, 6.9kg, 9.9kg 
AB3 AKP14, AKP17, AKP23 14.4kg, 17.2kg 23.8kg

Ankerplex Anchor - Stainless Steel

Ankerplex® Anchor - Aluminium