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Galvanised Bow Shackles
Galvanised Bow Shackles
Galvanised Bow Shackles

Genuine original Van Beest Green Pin shackles

Shackle Pins hot dip galvanised by Jimmy Green

Longer lasting corrosion resistance

Available with pin sizes 10mm to 28mm


More Information

Van Beest Green Pin Shackles have hot-dip galvanised bodies and zinc plated pins.
The pins are electro zinc plated before the green coating is applied.
This preparation is very effective against rust, but not as long lasting as the hot dip galvanising on the shackle body.

Green Pin Shackles feature a hot dip galvanised body and a zinc plated pin. The pin is zinc plated to make it easier to paint with the Van Beest trademark Green colour.
Green pin certified shackles are much stronger than standard galvanised shackles due to a narrower jaw width and thicker pin diameter
Green pin certified shackles are manufactured and tested in the Netherlands by Van Beest to EN13889 with a 6:1 safety factor

Jimmy Green Marine have improved the corrosion resistance of the pin by having them stripped and hot dip galvanised at a reputable UK galvaniser.

The green pins are stripped of their original surface treatment in an acid bath and hot dip galvanised.

Hot Dip Galvanising is the process of treating iron or steel by immersion in molten zinc at a temperature of around  450 °C (842 °F).
The zinc chemically reacts with the steel to form a metallurgically bonded protective coating which is infused into the steel i.e. it is not just a surface finish that can flake off.

The dimensions and weight of these shackles remain the same as their Green Pin equivalents.
However, although the galvanising treatment of the pin does not have a detrimental effect on the strength of the shackles, they have nevertheless been altered from their original form and can therefore only be supplied with a Jimmy Green Certificate of Conformity rather than one from the manufacturer.

Item Estimated Working Load Limit Suggested Safety Factor Chain Size
7mm Bow and D  0.5 ton 6:1 7mm
9mm Bow and D 0.75 ton 6:1 8mm
10mm Bow and D 1 ton 6:1 10mm
11mm Bow and D 1.5 ton 6:1 10/12mm
13mm Bow and D 2 ton 6:1 13/14mm
16mm Bow and D 3.25 ton 6:1 Ground
19mm Bow and D 4.75 ton 6:1 Ground

Bow Shackle Dimensions
Item (A) Pin Dia (B) Jaw width (C) Internal (D) Chain Size
7mm Bow 8mm 12mm 29mm 7mm
9mm Bow 10mm 13.5mm 31mm 8mm
10mm Bow 11mm 17mm 37mm 10mm
11mm Bow 13mm 19mm 43mm 10/12mm
13mm Bow 16mm 22mm 50mm 13/14mm
16mm Bow 19mm 27mm 63mm Ground
19mm Bow 22mm 31mm 77mm Ground


This chart may be useful for checking whether the shackle will pass through a confined space e.g. a narrow stemhead roller

BOW Shackle Outside Width
7mm Bow 39mm
9mm Bow 47mm
10mm Bow 55mm
11mm Bow 60mm
13mm Bow 74mm
16mm Bow 89mm
19mm Bow 102mm

Outside Width = overall width including the protruding lug of the shackle pin

  • Shackle Type - Bow Shackle
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