Lewmar Delta Anchor

Lewmar Delta® Anchor
Manufactured from high grade manganese steel or stainless steel for maximum tensile strength
4kg - 32kg Galvanised available from stock

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Jimmy Green Marine stock galvanised Lewmar Delta® anchors from 4kg up to and including 32kg

Please allow up to 21 days delivery from Lewmar for the 40kg and 50kg galvanised Delta® and all stainless steel Delta® anchors

Lewmar Delta Anchor features:

Unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta® anchor self-launching

The low centre of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta® anchor will set immediately

Delta anchor has Lloyd's Register General Approval as a High Holding Power anchor

Delta anchors are consistent and reliable in performance and are specified as the primary anchor by numerous National Lifeboat organisations

All Delta anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage" **

**Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.**

Delta® available in premium grade Duplex/High Tensile stainless steel

Lloyd's Test Certification is available for individual Delta anchors by arrangement

  • Manufactured from high grade manganese steel
  • Self launching
  • Lloyd's Register Type Approval
  • Guaranteed for life against Breakage
  • Lloyd's Test Certification available
Delta® Anchor Stainless and Galvanised Specifications
GalvanizedStainlessAnchor WeightRecommended Chain SizeABCDE
Part No.Part No.kglbmminmminmminmminmminmmin
0057404496–71∕451420 1∕4230985∕1638715 1∕42108 1∕4
005740600573066146–71∕459323 3∕826510 3∕8103∕845017 5∕82439 1∕2
00574100057310102285∕1669527 3∕831012 1∕4131∕252620 5∕828211 1∕8
00574160057316163585∕168123236214 1∕4131∕261424 1∕832813
005742000573202044103∕887734 1∕239215 3∕8165∕866326 1∕835714
005742500573252555103∕894537 1∕441516 3∕8165∕87132838715 1∕4
005743200573323270103∕8102340 1∕4453.517 4∕5203∕477530 1∕242516 3∕4
005744000573404088103∕8110343 1∕248919 1∕4203∕488332 3∕443717 1∕4
0057450005735050110121∕2117546 1∕452320 1∕2203∕48903547918 7∕8
0057463005736363140121∕212705056720 3∕8227∕89633850820

Lewmar Delta Anchor Diagram

Delta Anchor Selection Guide

Lewmar Delta Anchor Size Guide, Dimensions and Specifications

Lewmar Delta

- Selection guide and dimensions diagram

Download (492.01k)

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