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Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 22220

Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 22220
Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 25220
Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 32210
Barton 2:1 Towable Genoa Car 32211

Extra wide sheave for easy sheeting

Integrated 2:1 towing sheave for extra power

Available in sizes to fit 20, 25 and 32mm T track

Ertalyte sheave

32mm Heavy duty version available


More Information

Integrated tow sheaves allow the control line to be led aft for tuning from the cockpit. 2:1 towable cars reduce the effort required to make adjustments.

The towable cars should be used in conjunction with the towable car end fittings for the best performance.

Manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium and finished with Bartons unique 'Spectro' grey anodised finish for added protection.

These blocks feature precision turned ertalyte sheaves running on a large diameter centre bearing for friction-free performance under load.

The sheaves are designed with extra width to accept two sheets.

The sheave axle is through-bolted and riveted for extra strength.

Size Sheave Max Rope Break Load SWL Weight
20mm 30mm 10mm 1160kg 580kg 127g
25mm 40mm 2x12mm 2280kg 1140kg 258g
32mm 50mm 2x16mm 3280kg 1640kg 503g
32mmHD 60mm 2x16mm 5970kg 2985kg 749g

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