Fender Covers for Majoni Star Fenders

Fendequip Fender Covers are designed to provide protection from fender scuff when mooring alongside.
Star 1 to 5 covers are supplied in pairs, single thickness
Buoy covers are supplied individually, double thickness
100% acrylic, hand finished, no visible seam, machine washable

£ 14.40 VAT incl.

£ 16.00


Star 1 to 5 covers are supplied in pairs, single thickness.
Buoy covers are supplied individually, double thickness.

Fendequip Fender Covers are manufactured from Fendequip special premium, stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic fabric, produced in the UK Fendequip factory on large knitting machines.

Extremely durable fabric but soft enough to protect topsides

Independently tested by Bureau Veritas with proven high resistance to Ultra Violet light

Fendequip Caveat - Beware of inferior quality fender covers – they can wear out and fade in just one seasons use.

Fendequip Fender Covers are 100% UK Manufactured

Jimmy Green Marine stock Fendequip Fender Covers in Navy to suit Majoni Star Fenders from size 1 up to and including size 5 plus Round Buoy Fender sizes 1, 2 and 3

These covers actually relate to standard cover sizes as follows: 

Majoni Star 2 = F1
Majoni Star 3 = F2
Majoni Star 4 = F03
Majoni Star 5 = Large
Round Buoy 1 = A2
Round Buoy 2 = A3
Round Buoy 3 = A4

Fender Covers are also available as a special order in the following colours:

Anthracite, Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Bottle Green, Beige, Light Grey, School Grey, Dark Grey, Burgundy