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Lewmar H2 Windlass

Lewmar H2 Windlass

For Sail and Powerboats 35-43 feet

Above-Deck Unit

One-piece installation

Built in Control Box

Aluminium Composite Weatherproof Casing

Optional Warping Drum

8mm or 10mm Gypsy


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More Information

The Lewmar horizontal H2 Series windlass range is a stylish single all-above-deck waterproof-sealed design which makes installation beautifully straightforward, protects the integral simple-to-connect control box (solenoid) and requires minimum maintenance.

Lewmar worm drive gearbox technology ensures an extended, reliable working life.

Lewmar H2 H-Series Lewmar Windlass Features and Plus Factors:

  • Simple one-piece installation
  • Robust horizontal worm wheel motor/gearbox for reliable performance
  • Integral contactor protected by main deck unit case
  • Sealed waterproof unit requires minimum maintenance
  • Aluminium and composite housing for reduced weight and weatherproof endurance
  • Optional stainless steel warping drum with unique WARP finish = Wear and Abrasion Reduction Pattern
  • For Sail and Powerboats 35-43 feet
  • Excellent choice when chain locker space is limited

Included in the Box:

  • Built-in-dual-direction contactor (control box)
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Rocker switch

Optional accessories (not included):

  • Manual Recovery Kit
Lewmar H2 Chain Calibration Options:
Gypsy Number Chain Description 3 Strand Rope 8 Strand Rope (Anchorplait)
505 5/16" BB, 5/16" US G4 ISO, 8mm DIN 766, 8mm ISO 4565 14/16mm) 16mm
506 10mm 3/8" BBB, 10mm DIN 766, Lewmar 9.5 G40 14/16mm  16mm

14mm rope is strength-comparable and splice-compatible to 8mm Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Chain
16mm rope is a little under strength compared with 10mm Grade 40 Calibarated Anchor Chain.
16mm and 18mm rope are splice-compatible with 10mm DIN766/ISO Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
We do splice 16mm diameter anchor rope into 8mm Chain on request but it is a border line tight fit in the link

Lewmar H2 Specification:
Gypsy only With Drum Model Motor Supply Gypsy Number Motor Power Maximum Pull Working Load Limit Normal Current Draw Normal Line Speed Circuit Breaker
69600533 69600537 H2 12V 505 700 Watt 650kg 163kg 80 Amps 17 metres/minute 90 Amp
69600534 69600538 H2 12V 506 700 Watt 650kg 163kg 80 Amps 17 metres/minute 90 Amp

H2 Approximate Weights - Gypsy only version 21.5kg, with Drum option 23.5kg

Lewmar Recommended Windlass Maintenance

Regular Servicing

  • Wash down the windlass using fresh water.
  • Examine all electrical connections for corrosion, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check anchor locker drain to avoid water damage to motor/gearbox.
  • If anchor locker fills with water, check motor is dry and free of rust.
  • Check anchor rode splice for wear.
  • Check gypsy as it is a high wear item and will last longer if properly used. When re-assembling the cone and gypsy, add a small smear of grease to the contact surfaces.
  • Check mounting studs after first two or three recoveries and regularly thereafter.

Annual Servicing

  • Check electric cables for damage.  Repair/renew as required.
  • Strip the above deck components, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check motor/gearbox for corrosion, clean and repaint with a suitable marine grade oil-based enamel paint.
  • Remove electric motor cover and blow dust away from brushes using foot pump or similar taking care not to breathe any dust.
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 35 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 40 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 45 feet
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Horizontal

Lewmar 3-Button Wireless Windlass Remote
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Lewmar One Touch Winch Handle

Lewmar Chain Stopper

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Lewmar Replacement Gypsy

Lewmar Grease

Lewmar Grease


Lewmar replacement 1000w motor - L66000107
Lewmar Windlass Spare Parts
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