Lewmar H2 Windlass

Lewmar H2 Horizontal Windlass

For Sail and Powerboats 35-43 feet

Above-Deck Unit

One-piece installation

Built in Control Box

Aluminium Composite Weatherproof Casing

Optional Warping Drum

8mm or 10mm Gypsy

£ 2,537.60 inc VAT

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The Lewmar horizontal H2 Series windlass range is a stylish single all-above-deck waterproof-sealed design which makes installation beautifully straightforward, protects the integral simple-to-connect control box (solenoid) and requires minimum maintenance.

Lewmar worm drive gearbox technology ensures an extended, reliable working life.

Lewmar H2 H-Series Lewmar Windlass Features and Plus Factors:

  • Simple one-piece installation
  • Robust horizontal worm wheel motor/gearbox for reliable performance
  • Integral contactor protected by main deck unit case
  • Sealed waterproof unit requires minimum maintenance
  • Aluminium and composite housing for reduced weight and weatherproof endurance
  • Optional stainless steel warping drum with unique WARP finish = Wear and Abrasion Reduction Pattern
  • For Sail and Powerboats 35-43 feet
  • Excellent choice when chain locker space is limited

Included in the Box:

  • Built-in-dual-direction contactor (control box)
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Rocker switch
Lewmar H2 Chain Calibration Options:
Gypsy NumberChain Description3 Strand Rope8 Strand Rope (Anchorplait)
5055/16" BB, 5/16" US G4 ISO, 8mm DIN 766, 8mm ISO 456514/16mm)16mm
50610mm 3/8" BBB, 10mm DIN 766, Lewmar 9.5 G4014/16mm 16mm

14mm rope is strength-comparable and splice-compatible to 8mm Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Chain
16mm rope is a little under strength compared with 10mm Grade 40 Calibarated Anchor Chain.
16mm and 18mm rope are splice-compatible with 10mm DIN766/ISO Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
We do splice 16mm diameter anchor rope into 8mm Chain on request but it is a border line tight fit in the link

Lewmar H2 Specification:
Gypsy onlyWith DrumModelMotor SupplyGypsy NumberMotor PowerMaximum PullWorking Load LimitNormal Current DrawNormal Line SpeedCircuit Breaker
6960053369600537H212V505700 Watt650kg163kg80 Amps17 metres/minute90 Amp
6960053469600538H212V506700 Watt650kg163kg80 Amps17 metres/minute90 Amp

H2 Approximate Weights - Gypsy only version 21.5kg, with Drum option 23.5kg

Lewmar Recommended Windlass Maintenance

Regular Servicing

  • Wash down the windlass using fresh water.
  • Examine all electrical connections for corrosion, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check anchor locker drain to avoid water damage to motor/gearbox.
  • If anchor locker fills with water, check motor is dry and free of rust.
  • Check anchor rode splice for wear.
  • Check gypsy as it is a high wear item and will last longer if properly used. When re-assembling the cone and gypsy, add a small smear of grease to the contact surfaces.
  • Check mounting studs after first two or three recoveries and regularly thereafter.

Annual Servicing

  • Check electric cables for damage.  Repair/renew as required.
  • Strip the above deck components, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check motor/gearbox for corrosion, clean and repaint with a suitable marine grade oil-based enamel paint.
  • Remove electric motor cover and blow dust away from brushes using foot pump or similar taking care not to breathe any dust.

Lewmar H2/H3 Manual

- Lewmar Windlass H2 and H3 Installation and User Instuctions

Download (3.46M)

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