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3 Links of Anchor Chain
3 Links of Anchor Chain

Grade 40, Hot Dip Galvanised Chain

Facilitates articulation

Counteracts awkward lateral load

Links anchor connector to anchor shackle

Select by anchor connector size:
6-8mm connector = 10mm chain links
8-12mm connector = 12mm chain links
See details below


More Information

3 links cut from our stock of G40 Hot Dip Galvanised Anchor Chain

The 3 links make the connection between the anchor end of the swivel and the shackle attached to the anchor.
The smaller end of the swivel connector is connected to the anchor chain.

This system is most commonly used with the Kong swivel anchor connector

For KGAC08-S:   6-8mm connector (BRS-77.318.106) - use 3 links of 10mm chain
For KGAC10-S: 8-12mm connector (BRS-77.318.108) - use 3 links of 12mm chain

The picture below shows the correct configuration with one bow shackle and 3 links of connecting chain:

Kong swivel anchor connector with bow shackle and 3 links

If the hole/cut-out in the anchor shank has sharp edges and will not accept the crown of the bow shackle in a proper load bearing manner, it may be pertinent to fit two shackles back to back.
The picture below shows this optional configuration with an extra D shackle:
Kong swivel anchor connector with two shackles back to back and 3 links
Anchoring Shackles

  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Size - 12mm