Sarca Excel Anchor - Galvanised

Sarca Excel Anchors

Genuine Anchor Right manufacture

Exclusive import from Australia

Super High Holding Power Certification

World renowned performance

Made in Australia, patented for worldwide distribution

Available to pre-order, expected at UK port mid June, with onward despatch at the end of June

£ 230.00 inc VAT

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Anchor Right have appointed Jimmy Green Marine as their exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe.

The first shipment of Sarca Excel anchors is expected in the UK mid June.

Anchors up to Size #9 are available to pre-order for despatch as soon as the shipment arrives.

Larger sizes are by special arrangement.

This is our first shipment from Anchor Right Australia, who have been hampered by pandemic-induced sourcing and production issues.

Our first pallet has been loaded onto the ship, see picture above.

We will keep you updated personally if there are any further delays.

If you have placed an order, but find that you are unable to wait for delivery, we offer a no-quibble full refund.

Anchor Right Sarca Excel Anchors are certified as Super High Holding Power.

Rex Francis and his Anchor Right design team have taken the original Sarca and enhanced it to produce a yacht anchor with incredible holding power, proven to perform over a wide range of varying sea floors, and with no scoop full of mud.

The Sarca Excel is a new generation self-setting anchor without a roll bar which greatly improves the chances of it fitting on your bow roller, see anchor dimensions table below :-)
According to some of the test videos, roll bar designs don't tend to cope so well with a veering load - see independent test video below.

Anchor Right Advisory
Rex Francis at Anchor Right recommends a bow shape shackle for connecting the Sarca Excel to the anchor chain

Sarca Excel Facts, Design Features and PLUS factors:

  • Unrivalled Holding Power – super high holding power results: Robertson's anchor testing Authorities
  • Superb Self-Righting Moment – the cast filled ballast results in a deliberately low centre of gravity which guarantees an unbeatable turning force
  • Unique seabed-hunting feature – the toe continuously probes the sea floor to seek out the most advantageous holding ground
  • No Roll Bar - all the design plus factors have been pulled together to create a new generation, self-righting, self-setting anchor without the incovenience of a roll bar - Anchor Right claim that the Excel is compatible with the majority of bow rollers, stemhead arrangements and other anchor housings.
  • Innovative cutting edge fluke concept - 70 percent convex, 30 percent concave, part of the concave section making up the cutting edges.
  • N.B. Excel is not a plough anchor – old style plough sheers, which only plough the substrate, have been replaced by single plain innovative flukes – the concave element of the fluke serves to compress the substrate and redirects it over the anchor, forcing the anchor deeper as more load is applied – we recommend that you watch the video to see this in action
  • Proven convex design – leaves the mud behind
  • Tried and tested tangle resistant concept – outstanding performance in dense weed
  • Fluke apertures – another inventive design element are the openings along the side of each fluke which allow water to be dragged through while the anchor is being set – the aperture flow encourages the movement of compressed seabed leading to astonishing deep setting in hard mud or clay - the apertures work in reverse on retrieval and help to bring up a relatively clean anchor.
  • Stainless steel cutting toe – similar design to the original Super Sarca turned-down shape for instant penetration – the toe can be sharpened for weed or hard substrate types and will not rust
  • Bulbous cutting toe - the curved underside of the toe assists turning in the substrate when the wind and/or tide changes direction.
  • Super strength shank - Bisalloy® Grade 80 structural steel (or equivalent) is used on Sarca Excel size number 4 and above for exceptional build strength
  • Anchor Right Claim - that the Sarca Excel is the deepest diving anchor on the market, allowing incredible performance in heavy weed and multiple forms of sea-bed substrate.

Anchor Right Sarca Excel Anchor Sizing Guide

If your boat is over the limit in either column, it is advisable to upgrade to the next size.

Anchor WeightAnchor SizeLength OverallDisplacement
7.5kgSARCA Excel Number 1Up to 5 metresUp to 1.2 tonnes
9.5kgSARCA Excel Number 25-7 metres1.2-2.8 tonnes
12.5kgSARCA Excel Number 37-10 metres2.8-3.5 tonnes
16.0kgSARCA Excel Number 410-12 metres3.5-7 tonnes
22kgSARCA Excel Number 512-15 metres7-15 tonnes
30kgSARCA Excel Number 615-17 metres15-21 tonnes
36kgSARCA Excel Number 717-19 metres21-24 tonnes
40kgSARCA Excel Number 819-21 metres24-28 tonnes
50kgSARCA Excel Number 921-23 metres28-32 tonnes
55kgSARCA Excel Number 1123-25 metres32-36 tonnes
63kgSARCA Excel Number 1325-27 metres36-42 tonnes
88kgSARCA Excel Number 1527-29 metres42-67 tonnes
105kgSARCA Excel Number 1729-31 metres67-88 tonnes
136kgSARCA Excel Number 18EnquireEnquire
160kgSARCA Excel Number 19EnquireEnquire

Sarca Excel Dimensions Diagram

Anchor Right Sarca Excel Anchor Dimensions
Anchor WeightAnchor SizeWidthHeightLengthABC
7.5kgSARCA Excel Number 1275mm280mm650mm420mm220mm200mm
9.5kgSARCA Excel Number 2310mm310mm700mm460mm232mm215mm
12.5kgSARCA Excel Number 3350mm355mm810mm525mm270mm250mm
16.0kgSARCA Excel Number 4370mm380mm860mm560mm285mm265mm
22kgSARCA Excel Number 5415mm425mm985mm635mm330mm300mm
30kgSARCA Excel Number 6450mm460mm1085mm695mm350mm330mm
36kgSARCA Excel Number 7480mm495mm1135mm718mm375mm340mm
40kgSARCA Excel Number 8500mm510mm1165mm750mm385mm355mm
50kgSARCA Excel Number 9520mm530mm1205mm770mm405mm365mm
55kgSARCA Excel Number 11535mm555mm1280mm810mm410mm380mm
63kgSARCA Excel Number 13563mm575mm1320mm840mm430mm405mm
88kgSARCA Excel Number 15610mm640mm1410mm910mm485mm440mm
105kgSARCA Excel Number 17630mm640mm1410mm910mm485mm440mm
136kgSARCA Excel Number 18695mm690mm1500mm1000mm520mm490mm
160kgSARCA Excel Number 19745mm770mm1665mm1085mm530mm540mm

Independent Anchor Comparison Test Video

Sarca Excel Anchor Test Video

SV Panope November 2019 Sarca Excel Anchor Test Video

Please enquire for prices and availability on Size 15# 88kg and above.