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Genuine Britany® Anchor
Genuine Britany® Anchor
Genuine Britany® Anchor

The same shape and manufacture as the Plastimo Britany

Compact design with adequate holding power

Non-fouling shank with geo-dynamic flukes

Similar to a Danforth, but without the long awkward stock

Convenient flat stowage profile

Ideal as a small boat anchor or as a lunch hook or kedge on larger yachts


More Information

Britany Clone anchors, manufactured and hot dip galvanised to the Plastimo Britany design in the same factory.

These Britany design anchors have satisfactory holding power, owing to the similarity in design to the high holding power certified FOB anchor.

The compact shape without the long, awkward, transverse stock protruding out each side make the Britany format ideal to stow onboard smaller boats and as a kedge anchor stowed in a locker onboard larger boats and yachts.

Britany Pattern Anchor Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • No Link Cage prevents pebble jamming
  • Sharp edged flukes promote immediate penetration even in the hardest sea beds
  • Geodynamic flukes aid anchor burial and ensuing holding power
  • Non-fouling shank prevents the anchor from breaking out from the seabed
  • Narrow crown helps to lift the rear of the anchor and boost digging into the seabed
  • Manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel
Britany Clone Anchor Dimensions and Size Guide:
Weight Maximum Boat Size as a Main Anchor Anchor Length Anchor Width
2kg Dinghy / Tender / Small Launch 406mm 105mm
3.5kg Dinghy / Open Boat / Small Keelboat 497mm 219mm
6kg 5.5 metres 547mm 270mm
8kg 6.5 metres 646mm 312mm

Please view the genuine Plastimo Britany Anchor for larger versions up to 20kg

  • Finish - Galvanised
  • Anchor Weight kg - 2.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 3.5kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 6.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 8.0kg
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