Lewmar CPX2 Vertical Windlass

For Motor or Sailing Yachts 35-43 feet LOA

Gypsy only i.e. low profile or With Drum

Combination Rope/Chain Gypsy

Switch, circuit breaker, contactor included

15% lighter construction than V S/S Series

Reduced number of moving parts

Optimal alloy components

Straightforward DIY Servicing

£ 1,356.00 inc VAT

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The Lewmar CPX range is a culmination of Lewmar engineering development, based on the successful VX range, but with enhanced weight saving design and construction.

Lewmar have redesigned the working function to reduce the number of moving components and carefully selected materials aimed at durability, relaibility, serviceability and weight saving e.g. hard anodised aluminium base, cast stainless steel for the gypsy top cap and chain pipe cover.

Lewmar CPX2 is suitable for motor and sailing yachts between approximately 35 feet and 43 feet length overall.

Consult the Lewmar Windlass Size Guide for more detailed information on selecting the correct model for your yacht.

Lewmar CPX2 Windlass Features and Plus Factors:

  • Combination Rope/Chain Gypsy
  • Lightweight hybrid-material design
  • 700W IP67 Rated motor
  • Reliable worm-wheel gearbox
  • Hard anodised aluminium base
  • Stainless steel gypsy top cap
  • Stainless steel chain pipe cover
  • All inclusive kit - Switch, circuit breaker and contactor included

Included in the box:

  • Guarded Rocker Switch
  • Circuit Breaker 90amp
  • CPX2 12V MGB PLUS Contactor 
  • CPX2 Deck Unit - gypsy only or with drum
  • CPX2 appropriate Gypsy
  • Windlass Handle

N.B. a contactor may also be referred to as a relay, solenoid or control box.

Lewmar CPX2 Calibrated Chain and Rope Combination Options:
Gypsy onlywith DrumGypsy NumberChain Description3 Strand Rope8 Strand RopeSplice
667201100166720210010018mm DIN 766, 8mm ISO 4565, 5/16" G4012/14/16mm16mm1 Link
6672011002667202100200210mm DIN 766, Campbell 3/8" S412/14/16mm16mm1 Link
6672011003667202100300310mm ISO, Campbell 3/8" S3, Lewmar 9.5mm G4016mm16mm1 Link

14mm rope is strength-comparable and splice-compatible to 8mm Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Chain
16mm rope is a little under strength compared with 10mm Grade 40 Calibarated Anchor Chain.
16mm and 18mm rope are splice-compatible with 10mm DIN766/ISO Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
We do splice 16mm diameter anchor rope into 8mm Chain on request but it is a border line tight fit in the link

Lewmar CPX2 Windlass Specification:
Motor PowerMaximum PullWorking Load LimitMaximum Line SpeedNormal Current DrawCircuit Breaker
700 Watts650kg163kg21 metres/minute80 Amps90 Amps

Approximate weight - Gypsy only 17.5kg, With Drum 20.5kg

Lewmar CPX1 Dimensions

Lewmar Recommended Windlass Maintenance

Regular Servicing

  • Wash down the windlass using fresh water.
  • Examine all electrical connections for corrosion, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check anchor locker drain to avoid water damage to motor/gearbox.
  • If anchor locker fills with water, check motor is dry and free of rust.
  • Check anchor rode splice for wear.
  • Check gypsy as it is a high wear item and will last longer if properly used. When re-assembling the cone and gypsy, add a small smear of grease to the contact surfaces.
  • Check mounting studs after first two or three recoveries and regularly thereafter.

Annual Servicing

  • Check electric cables for damage. Repair/renew as required.
  • Strip the above deck components, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check motor/gearbox for corrosion, clean and repaint with a suitable marine grade oil-based enamel paint.
  • Remove electric motor cover and blow dust away from brushes using foot pump or similar taking care not to breathe any dust.

CPX123 Information

- Lewmar Windlass CPX1/2/3 Information

Download (557.58k)

CPX123 Manual

- Lewmar Windlass CPX1/2/3 Installation and User Instructions

Download (5.7M)

CPX123 Template

- Lewmar CPX1/2/3/ Deck Template

Download (11.17k)

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