Osculati Double Joint Swivel Anchor Connector

Double Jointed Swivel Anchor Connector

Articulated and slim line

One piece solution for connecting a fixed anchor shank to the anchor chain

No shackle pins = no snagging

£ 35.00 inc VAT

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Osculati Double Joint Swivel Anchor Connector - articulated for protection against lateral loads.

Osculati Slim Line Anchor Connectors provide a smooth connection between your anchor chain and your anchor.

Articulated stainless steel swivel anchor connectors are ideal for connecting chain to fixed anchor shanks.

The extra articulation means that shear loading of the swivel component is greatly reduced due to the re-alignment of the swivel part of the connector.

This kind of connector is not usually required where the anchor shank itself can articulate.
Osculati articulated anchor connector dimensions diagram

Chain SizePin Diameter (C/P) Jaw Width (B/L)Length (G)Length Overall (H)

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