Osculati Twist Swivel Anchor Connector

Osculati Twist stainless steel Swivel Anchor Connector, flips the anchor the right way up as it comes over the bow roller

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Osculati Twist stainless steel Swivel Anchor Connector

Manufactured from mirror-polished AISI 316 stainless steel.

Curved shank design induces rotation of the anchor as it comes up over the stemhead.

A brief pause in retrieval once the connector makes contact with the bow roller allows the anchor to rotate (twist) and come aboard in the correct orientation

Shackle/Link the anchor to Twist Connector for articulation

Connect the swivel end to the chain

Osculati Chain  A B C
01.738.01 6-8 mm 220 mm 60 mm 28 mm
01.738.02 10-12 mm 320 mm 83 mm 38 mm