Mantus Swivel Anchor Connector

Integrated shackle

Snag-free profile, see dimensions below

Innovative design oblong pin

Delivers rotation and articulation

Precision cast, electro-polished 316L stainless

Ultimate Strength
for Grade 40 and Grade 70 anchor chain

£ 95.00 inc VAT

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Mantus Marine USA have designed and developed an outstanding swivel for securely joining a chain and anchor together employing their customary attention to detail combined with world renowned engineering and manufacturing excellence.

The Mantus design team have carried out extensive computer modelling and exhaustive physical testing to produce the ultimate strength swivelling joint to connect your anchor to the end link of your anchor chain.

The weakest part of any anchor connector is generally the pin that fits onto the chain because the diameter is restricted by the inside dimensions of the link. Mantus have addressed this with an innovative oblong shaped pin which increases the depth of the pin and subsequently the load bearing capacity.

Mantus Swivel Anchor Connector Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel
  • Precision cast and electro-polished stainless body
  • Mechanically and electro-polished Duplex stainless pin
  • Stronger than the equivalent size Grade 40 chain
  • Suitable solution for high strength Grade 70 acnhor chain
  • Integrated shackle design completely eliminates any issues with lateral/awkward angle loading
  • Extremely safe solution for extended cruising
  • Innovative oblong shaped pin optimises the space available in end link of the anchor chain to maximise the load bearing strength
  • Exclusive slimline hexagon head shackle bolt design with holes for seizing wire
  • No shackle key required
  • Sleek snag-free profile for unencumbered launch and retrieval over the bow roller

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team have measured the swivels at their widest point for comparison with your bow roller channel:

Mantus SwivelS1S2S3
Diameter at the widest point**55mm70mm85mm

** The widest point includes the head of the shackle.

Included in the box:
Mantus anchor connector box contents

Mantus Marine Specification, Swivel Strength and Chain Compatibility:

MantusChainMantus WLLMantus UBS
S28mm-10 mm1937kg9687kg
S312mm-13 mm3125kg15625kg

Mantus Definitions:
WLL = Working Load Limit
UBS = Ultimate Breaking Strain
Safety Factor = 5:1
UBS = 5 x WLL

Please note that some Mantus chain packaging may not display the correct breaking strains. Please refer to the Mantus website and the table above for correct breaking strains.

 Chain 6-7mm  8mm 10mm12-13mm
Mantus RecommendGrade 40 S1S1S2S3
Mantus RecommendGrade 70 S1S2S3Not available

Mantus Swivel Assembly Instructions

Mantus Swivel Video

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