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SIDERMARINE New Generation Shock Absorbers

SIDERMARINE New Generation Shock Absorber MPP-K45

SIDERMARINE Patented Mooring Spring

New Generation Hybrid MPP K Series

Silencing anti-friction inserts - No squeak

Superior three stage Damping Capacity

can be dismantled for cleaning and lubricating

Designed and Manufactured in Italy

Select by K size, see table below  -  N.B. MPP K50S = K50 Special  -  MPP K50SF = K50 Special Flex


More Information


SIDERMARINE New Generation Patented Mooring Springs protect your Deck Cleats and Mooring Lines from damaging snatch loads.

The Sider Marine Design and Production Team have developed a range of engineering-advanced, patented HYBRID shock absorbers to control and dampen minor and major surges caused by severe weather.

Sider Marine MPPK Hybrid Shock Absorbing Mooring Springs work in three stages according to the wave, surf and chop conditions:

  1. The snatch movement caused by small to medium waves is absorbed by the marine-grade stainless steel central spring, dampening the oscillation effect (rocking) and reducing the shock loading on your deck hardware.
  2. As the sea state worsens, the central elastomer boosts the cushioning capacity to cope with the increased swell, waves or chop.
  3. During extreme conditions, the lateral elastomers maximise the absorption capacity of the compensator.

The patented Sider Marine design avoids any welded parts ensuring the highest possible load resistance.

All the internal components glide on anti-friction inserts to ensure that the compression forces are in perfect alignment with the longitudinal tie rods – this results in a mooring spring which makes the absolute minimum noise.

Cheap mooring lines, springs and rubber snubbers can produce annoying squeaks and groans. Sider Marine Mooring Springs are as near to silent as they can be.

SIDERMARINE Hybrid Mooring Spring Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Specially Engineered Springs
  • Technologically advanced Elastomer
  • Super Quiet in motion
  • Modular design adds extra cushioning capacity when required
  • Unaffected by climate – working temperature range from -20° to +80°
  • Low Maintenance
  • Dismantling is possible for cleaning and renovation checks


Sacrificial anode protection will be required if the springs are immersed in salt water for sustained periods.

All components in the mooring spring system should be of similar high-grade stainless steel, e.g. shackles and chain.

Lubricate the guides and longitudinal tie rods with marine spray grease before use and as part of your regular maintenance routine.

Dismantle, inspect, clean and lubricate the anti-friction guides and the tie rods every six months, including a check for wear on the guides.

Check that the tie rods are firmly secured every 12 months

SIDERMARINE Hybrid Mooring Compensator Series - manufacturer Data and Specifications:
SIDERMARINE Yacht Displacement Length Weight
MPP K45 6-16 tonnes 440mm 3.5kg
MPP K50 16-20 tonnes 440mm 3.7kg
MPP K50 Special 20-25 tonnes 440mm 3.7kg
MPP K50 Special Flex 25-30 tonnes 440mm 3.7kg
MPP K55 30-90 tonnes 470mm 5.4kg
MPP K65 90-150 tonnes 470mm 5.6kg

Jimmy Green Rigging Team Advisory

  1. Attach a slack warp alongside the spring as a security measure.
  2. Deploy a second, independent mooring line for reassurance.

These precautions are especially important when the yacht is left unattended for long periods.