Fortress Stowaway Anchor Bag

Fortress Stowaway Anchor Bag

Fortress specific design

Holdall for rapid deployment

no more scrabbling

Keep it all tidy in one bag

Spare clips and wrenches included

£ 89.00 inc VAT

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Fortress Stowaway bags are custom designed spefically to hold everything you need for each size of Fortress Anchor:
Fortress have built these bags to last in the rugged marine environment, sewn from top quality, durable, impact-resistant Cordura

Easy to understand diagrams are sewn into the bag with a step by step guide to anchor assembly and bag-packing procedures

Fortress Stowaway Bags Features and Plus Factors:

  • Made from weather resistant hard wearing Cordura
  • Strong combination bag closure/straps serve as ergonomic carrying handles 
  • Extra wide velcro prevents accidental opening
  • Pouches to hold the correct size wrenches
  • Wrenches (spanners) included
  • Spare fluke clip, bolt and nut included
  • Spacious enough for the anchor, 2 metres chain, shackles and wrenches

Fortress Bag Dimensions and Contents:

FortressLength of BagWrenches includedSpare Clip/Bolt Nut
FX7640mm2x10mm1 of each
FX11710mm2x11mm1 of each
FX16810mm2x11mm1 of each
FX23940mm2x11mm1 of each
FX371.04 metres2x13mm1 of each
FX551.19 metres2x14mm1 of each

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