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Lewmar Galvanised Claw - 7.5 Kg

Lewmar Galvanised Claw - 2 Kg
Lewmar Claw Anchor Dimensions
Lewmar Galvanised Claw - side elvation

Traditional Design

Manufactured in one piece

Identical shape to the original Bruce

Galvanised Steel

Optimal bow roller compatibility


More Information

Jimmy Green Marine stock Lewmar Claw Anchors in Galvanised Steel from 2kg up to and including 15kg.

Please allow a lead time for delivery from Lewmar for 20kg and 30kg Galavanised anchors

Lewmar Claw Anchor - sets itself readily, delivers excellent holding power in a variety of sea beds and stows easily on the bow roller of most yachts and motor boats.

Manufactured by Lewmar - more robust construction (thicker shank) and better quality galvanising compared with other copies of the original Bruce Anchor.

  • Manufactured from high grade steel or marine grade stainless steel
  • Single piece
  • Suitable for use on various sea beds
  • Bow roller storable

Lewmar Claw Size Guide, Dimensions and Specifications

  • Finish - Galvanised
  • Anchor Weight kg - 2.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 5.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 7.5kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 10.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 15.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 20.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 30.0kg
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Lewmar Claw

Lewmar Claw Anchor Information

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