Kong Fixed Anchor Connector Stainless Steel

Polished 316 stainless steel

Slim profile


Extra articulation is advisable

Snag-free passage over bow rollers and through hawsepipes 

£ 37.00 inc VAT

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Kong stainless steel fixed anchor connectors are designed to go over bow rollers and pass through hawse pipes without snagging.

N.B. It is advisable to fit a suitable bow shackle/Quick Link between the anchor shank and the anchor connector to reduce lateral load risk - see diagram below.
To avoid lateral load on an anchor connector it needs to be able to articulate:
One solution is to fit a shackle/Maillon Rapide to the anchor shank and attach this to 3 links of chain or 3 Links of S/S Chain and then fit an anchor connector to join the 3 links to the rest of the anchor chain.
Use 10mm chain for KG AC08-T
Use 12mm chain for KG AC10-T

Kong Fixed Anchor Connector Straight Load Kong Fixed Anchor Connector Side Load

Kong Specification:

KongKong Chain SizeMBL straightMBL lateralCompatibility
KG AC08-T6-8mm2500kg850kg6mm, 7mm 
KG AC10-T8-12mm5000kg2000kg8mm, 10mm
KG AC12-T12-14mm9500kg3000kg12/13/14mm

Kong Chain Size = the chain sizes that fit on the chain end, not the anchor end
MBL = Manufacturer (Kong) straight Break Load
MBL = Manufacturer (Kong) lateral Break Load
Compatibility = reasonable compatibility with Grade 40 chain break load

Kong Fixed Anchor Connector Dimensions

Kong Dimensions:

KongChain SizeABCDEF

Kong Fitting and Inspection:
Kong Fixed Anchor Connector open illustration
The Kong fixed anchor connector can be disassembled to attach the chain and chain/anchor.
This is also a useful inspection facility

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