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Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass

Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass
Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass
Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass
Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass
Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass

For Sail and Powerboats 24-30 feet

Gypsy only = low profile, no rope drum

Combination Rope/Chain Gypsy

to suit 12/14mm rope and 6/7mm Chain

Circuit breaker, contactor, switch NOT included

Easy to maintain

In stock


More Information

The Lewmar V700 combines good looks with Lewmar renowned durability.

The deck unit is a sleek, low profile, flush-mount design in a 100% marine grade stainless steel casing that protects the motor below deck.

The V700 incorporates push-button technology, impact protected motor/gearbox casing and a unique anchor lock, all at an affordable price.

The V700 has a gypsy which conveniently runs successfully with any one of these chain calibrations: 6mm DIN766, 1/4" G4 or BBB, 7mm DIN766.

Lewmar V700 Features and Plus Factors:

  • 100% 316 stainless steel deck unit
  • Minimal parts for enhanced reliability and simple maintenance
  • IP67 rated impact-resistant motor housing
  • Dual Chain Gypsy, number 603
  • Fall safe anchor lock - prevents accidental deployment when under way
  • Fast line speed
  • Manual recovery
  • Lewmar 5-year warranty

Included in the box:

  • V700 Deck Unit
  • Motor/gearbox

Not included in the box:

  • Contactor (control box)
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Rocker Switch

N.B. contactor may also be referred to as a relay, solenoid or control box.

Lewmar V700 Chain Calibration:
Gypsy Number Chain Calibrations 3 Strand Rope 8 Strand Rope (Anchorplait)
603 Dual 6mm DIN766, 1/4" G4 or BBB, 7mm DIN766 12-14mm 12-14mm
Lewmar V700 Specification:
Motor Maximum Pull Working Load Limit Maximum Line Speed Normal Current Draw Circuit Breaker Approximate Weight
320W 320kg 79kg 25 metres/minute 45 Amps 35 Amps 6.5kg

Lewmar V700 Dimensions

Lewmar Recommended Windlass Maintenance

Regular Servicing

  • Wash down the windlass using fresh water.
  • Examine all electrical connections for corrosion, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check anchor locker drain to avoid water damage to motor/gearbox.
  • If anchor locker fills with water, check motor is dry and free of rust.
  • Check anchor rode splice for wear.
  • Check gypsy as it is a high wear item and will last longer if properly used. When re-assembling the cone and gypsy, add a small smear of grease to the contact surfaces.
  • Check mounting studs after first two or three recoveries and regularly thereafter.

Annual Servicing

  • Check electric cables for damage. Repair/renew as required.
  • Strip the above deck components, clean and lightly grease.
  • Check motor/gearbox for corrosion, clean and repaint with a suitable marine grade oil-based enamel paint.
  • Remove electric motor cover and blow dust away from brushes using foot pump or similar taking care not to breathe any dust.
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 7mm
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 25 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 30 feet
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Vertical

Lewmar 3-Button Wireless Windlass Remote
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Lewmar Chain Counter - AA150
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Lewmar Chain Stopper

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Lewmar CHSX Deck Switch

Lewmar Winch Maintence Kit
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Lewmar Grease

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