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eco-Shotz - Boat Cleaning Kit

eco-Shotz - Boat Cleaning Kit

All have liquid above the label line

A selection pack of concentrated cleaning solutions, just add water!

Boat Wash

Inflatable Boat Cleaner

Vinyl Cleaner

Spray Shine

Multi Clean

Glass Cleaner

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More Information

August Race eco-Shotz ™

The eco-Shotz cleaning kit provides concentrated boat cleaning solutions without excess use of plastic bottles and waste.

The concentrate can be used by adding water to any recycled spray bottle or container.

  • Boat Wash - All Over Boat Wash With Wax Mixes 3 x 14 litre buckets
  • Inflatable Boat Cleaner - Fast Acting Inflatable Tube Cleaner Mixes 3 x 500ml bottles
  • Vinyl Cleaner - Seat and Upholstery Cleaner Mixes 3 x 500ml bottles
  • Spray Shine - Sprayable Wax Detailer Mixes 3 x 500ml bottles
  • Multi Clean - Safe To Use Multi Surface Cleaner Mixes 3 x 500ml bottles
  • Glass Cleaner - Marine Glass Cleaner Mixes 3 x 500ml bottles

Each mini eco-Shotz™ bottle is made from easily recyclable PET plastic and packed in biodegradable cardboard boxes and comes with labels for your recycled spray bottles.

The eco-Shotz range is 100% Biodegradable except for the spray shine which is 90% biodegradable.