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SIDERMARINE SwivelMarine® Anchor Connector
SIDERMARINE SwivelMarine® Anchor Connector
SIDERMARINE SwivelMarine® Anchor Connector

Patented Design

Forged body

No welded parts

No micro-casting

Rotation on bronze bushing

17/4PH stainless steel swivel joint

17/4PH stainless steel locking pins

Rated break load for reassurance

Limited availability


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SIDERMARINE are a technologically innovative manufacturer of stainless-steel components based in Bari, Italy.

SWIVELMARINE® Series of Swivel joint anchor connectors are a SIDER patented design with supreme load capacity for Grade 40 and Grade 70 chain

SWIVELMARINE® Series Facts and Features

  • No micro-casting techniques
  • Joint with fork for integral anchor
  • Forged AISI316 stainless steel machined body
  • No welded components
  • Superior rotation on bronze bushing
  • 17/4-PH stainless steel swivel joint
  • 17/4-PH stainless steel self locking pins - special secure design - radial shape with copper inserts
  • Can be taken apart for inspection
  • High resistance to tractive and bending loads
  • Rated break load for reassurance

SwivelMarine Dimensions Diagram

SIDERMARINE Chain Grade 70 Chain Grade 40 A B C D Ø D1 Ø E F G H Øh
SWM 8 MAX 8mm 10mm 127mm 45mm 23mm 10mm 10mm 21mm 13mm 15mm 14mm
SWM 10 10mm 12mm 127mm 45mm 23mm 10mm 10mm 21mm 13mm 15mm 14mm

D Ø = diameter without anti-friction bushing
H Ø =- diameter including anti-friction bushing

SIDERMARINE Chain SWL in kN SWL in kg MBL in kN MBL in kg Size Weight
SWM 8 MAX 8/10mm 34.3kN 3497kg 64kN 6526kg 127x45Ø 0.825kg
SWM 10 10/12mm 44.1kN 4496kg 83.3kN 8484kg 127x45Ø 0.825kg

SIDERMARINE Fitting Instructions:
All swivels are supplied from the factory with:

  • Loc-Tite applied to the threads
  • Marine grease applied to external joints

They need to be taken apart to fit to the chain/anchor.
Reassemble with Loc-Tite on the threaded parts and tighten to 40Nm torque
Do not apply any lubricant

  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Size - 12mm
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