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Limited Stock Clearance

Unique White rubber boot

No sealant required

Drop forged from 316L stainless steel

High Strength: Wichard rated break load

Backing plate, nuts and washers included

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More Information

Wichard Watertight U bolts feature a unique White rubber boot design which prevents any water ingress from on deck.

Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Available in 10mm - Limited Stock
  • Unique White rubber moulding
  • Watertight when correctly fitted
  • Simple to install, no sealant required
  • Wichard manufacturer load rating
  • Drop forged from Marine Grade 316L stainless steel
  • Supplied with nuts and under deck backing plate

Wichard watertight U bolts dimensions

Wichard Ø L A B C MBL Deck Seal
WD-65352 M10 90mm 40mm 26mm 45mm 7000kg White

Ø = diameter and corresponding metric thread
MBL = Wichard Manufacturer Break Load
Deck Seal = boot colour

Wichard Watertight U-bolts